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Mercy Beauty Academy & Ladies Salon offers premier salon and spa services

O3+ Micro Derma whitening Facial

Natural botanical extracts and natural vitamin ingredients for smoother, younger facial skin. Helps Reduce skin roughness and wrinkles for younger looking radiant skin. Clear and prevent blemished tan on all skin types.

Shahnaz Hussain 24 Carat Gold Facial

For cell rejuventation and ageless skin and keeping it eternally young. Containing 24 carat pure gold along with orange peel, rose extract and aloe vera  juice. It helps to exfoliate the skin gently, revitalizing it and leaving it clear, bright and vibrant.

Illuminating Gold Facial

This treatment gives radiant and glowing skin from inside and work on all layers of the skin and gives glowing complexion naturally. It helps in skin renewal, removing dead skin cells and skin tightening.

Aroma Magic PRO - Vitamin C Lightening Facial

Exfoliates deeply, removes tan, lightens, brighten, renders shine and smooth away imperfections from the surface of the skin, leaving it lustrous and nourished. Strengthens the elasticity of the skin  and building collagen to leave the skin with refreshed complexion.

Kaya Diamond  Facial

Reduces wrinkles, purifies, brightens and polishes skin. Fights against premature aging.  It also moisturises and nourishes skin leaving it soft and smooth with a glowing effect.

Aroma Magic Bridal Glow Facial

Rejuvenates skin cells, maintains moisture  balance, tones the skin. Removes fine lines.   Reduces dryness and increases skin vitality for a soft, glowing and youthful texture. Revitalises and hydrates the skin complexion.

Platinum Facial

To recharge and energize your skin and help to ensure the strength of  its

supportive tissues.  It maintains the desired moisture level,  It has powerful anti - oxidant effect which protect skin’s youthful properties.

Anti Pigmentation Facial

This treatment is capable of preventing and correcting the appearance of dark spots.  It provides instant radiance to the skin, reducing areas of pigmentation and giving the skin a more even tone.

Nature’s  Gold Facial

Its cleansing action balances the Ph of the skin.  Added aroma oils impart soothing action also counteracts aging signs due to the dry skin.  Imparts a youthful effect,  shiny texture and smooth tone to the skin.

Shahnaz Husain Herbal Facial

Rejuvenating skin balm removes scar, blemishes and dead epithelial cells from the skin surface.  The cooling property of the cream helps to remove abrasion, itching and irritable skin condition. Contains natural scrub particles of walnut along with date extract, coconut and lemon oils.

Pearl Facial

Blessing for dark complexioned skin and gives an amazing glow and skin whitening effect. It is ideal for that pearly glow and shine on your skin.

 Acne Treatment

Rehydrates the skin and stimulates the skin metabolism.  It helps in removing germ, excessive oil, dead skin cells, blackheads and regenerating the  healthy tissue.  It acts as a revitalizing in the cells.

Fruit Facial

Improves skin texture and fair complexion. Is suitable for dark, patchy, pigmented and blemished skin.  It lightens the patches and enhances cell stimulation.

Mini Facial

Helps to maintain young skin as well as to treat problematic skin.  Experience fast, visible results for a clear complexion, skin lightening, skin lightening and luminous even skin tone.

Face  Bleaches

Olivia Herb Bleach

Oxy Bleach

Gold Bleach (Ammonia Free)

Classic  Manicure

French Manicure

Spa Manicure
The ultimate indulgence for underappreciated hands, your lavish experience includes deep cleanse, nourishing wrap and massage with Nail Art.

Paraffin Wax Manicure
It will make you feel more relaxing and your hands will be more rejuvenated.  Paraffin wax will also allow better circulation in your hands.  If you have dry and cracked hands then this would be a great choice for you.

Classic Pedicure

Spa  Pedicure
A divine experience to match your very highest expectations. After exfoliating with a heavenly scrub and massage then rejuvenates your tired, busy feet, leaving them visibly renewed and you walking on air! Kokum butter and olive oil lock in moisture while fruit derived. Soften and soothe rough cracked feet with intensive foot treatment.

Paraffin Wax Pedicure
This Pedicure helps to increase blood circulation and relax the muscles, It also increases the skin, elasticity, improves joint stiffness and reduces pains, adding an enhanced level of moisturization which you can’t get from lotion and creams.

Crystal Spa  Pedicure & Manicure
A luxurious treatment  formulated to protect & renew hands, feet and nails. Smoothens, Soothes & Nourishes with  powerful penetrating blends

Relaxation Oil Massage (15 mins)

Hair Fall & Dandruff Treatment (15 mins)

Deep Conditioning Treatment (no hair tonic)

Hydra Therapy

Color care Therapy (no hair tonic)

Anti-dandruff Treatment

Scalp Therapy (Hairfall Treatment)

Opti care Smooth & Seal Treatment

Mythic Magic Rituals for all hair types

Keratin Care  Treatment

Mercy commitment to body, mind and spiritual wellbeing is embodied in all of our massage therapies.  Each experience is customized to your own specific needs, elevating your spirit, relaxing your body and invigorating your mind.

Steam Bath
Steam bath is one of the simplest and most comfortable way to rid the body of accumulated toxins.

  • Steam penetrates your entire body and eases muscles from head to toe.
  • It provides relief from stress.
  • A steam bath by a warm shower provides for a good night’s sleep.
  • Steam increases blood circulation
  • Taking Steam bath regularly helps boost your immune system.

Aroma Therapy with steam bath(20 mins )
Using only carefully selected pure essential oils, based on your own individual needs, this relaxing, yet therapeutic treatment will heighten your senses and calm your mind.

Citrus Aroma Massage with steam bath(20 mins)
A Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating massage using a variety of techniques to relieve tired muscles and induce a deep sense of well being.  The lemons pronounced effect is exceptional and it will inevitably lead to added enjoyment and greater serenity.  Lemon promotes circulation, stimulates cell metabolism and lymphatic flow. A Herbal blend for a soft and silky glow of your skin.

Coco-butter Massage with steam bath (20 mins)
Coca-butter cream is specially formulated to easily absorb, soothe and soften the skin. Helps smooth away marks and blemishes of skin.

Body Polishing Spa with steam bath (20 mins)
A massage with therapeutic oil improves blood circulation.  Makes the body feel light & energetic removing stiffness from joint thus gives a beautiful luster to the skin. A Nourishing & revitalizing pack It also counteracts the effects of pollution thus giving skin health, sheen and glow.

Express Back Massage (15 mins)

  • 1 Facial
  • 1 Bleach (Face)
  • 1 Pedicure + Manicure
  • 1 Waxing + Threading
  • Back bleach

30 days
  • 2 Facials
  • 1 Bleach (Face)
  • 2 Pedicure + Manicure
  • 1 Waxing + Threading
  • 1 Hair Spa

45 days
  • 2 Facials
  • 1 Bleach (Face)
  • 2 Pedicure + Manicure
  • 2 Waxing + Threading
  • 1 Hair Spa

Bridal Package
  • Pre Bridal Package
    Bleach / Body Bleach
    Threading / Waxing
    Spa Manicure and Pedicure
    Medi Facial/Body Polish
  • Bridal Mehendi
  • Bridal Make-up
  • Reception Make over
  • 1 Complimentary Make -up

Pre Bridal Packages + Bridal Makeover MAC Professional Products (At Salon)
  • Bridal Mehendi / Roce Dressing
  • Reception Makeover / Engagement
  • Complementary Makeup
(Package includes –Body Bleach/ Body Polishing/ Gold Bleach &Medi Facial/Waxing/Crystal
Pedicure &Manicure/ Threading)

Pre Bridal Packages + Bridal Makeover MAC Professional Products (At Salon)
(Package includes –Body Bleach/ Body Massage/ Gold Bleach &Medi Facial/Waxing/Pedicure
/Manicure/ Threading)

Pre Bridal Packages + Bridal Makeover – MAC Professional Products (At Salon)
(Package includes -Gold Bleach & Medi-Facial/Waxing/Pedicure/Manicure/ Threading)
(Package includes -Gold Bleach & Facial/Body Bleach/Waxing/Pedicure/Manicure/ Threading)

Mehendi/ Roce Dressing- Makeover
  1. Kryolan Professional Products (At Salon)
  2. Makeover - MAC Professional Products (At Salon)

Reception Dressing - Makeover
  1. Kryolan Professional Products (At Salon)
  2. MAC Professional Products (At Salon)

Simple Makeup
  1. Kryolan Professional Products (At Salon)
  2. MAC Professional Products (At Salon)

Saree Draping

Simple Extn Jade

Extn Jade with full flowers

Setting curls

Hair Ironing

Hair bun

(Outside Salon Conveyance will be charged depends on the area)

Yearly Membership Cards Available (12 Sessions Per Year)
  1. Classic Manicure
  2. French Manicure
  3. Spa Manicure
  4. Classic Pedicure
  5. Spa Pedicure
  6. Herbal Fruit Facial
  7. Shahnaz Hussain Facial
  8. Nature’s Gold Facial
  9. Aroma Body Massage with Steam bath

Bio Soft Lipsoluble Wax (Fruit / Cream Wax)
  1. Full Body
  2. Full Face
  3. Upper Lips
  4. Full legs
  5. Full Arms
  6. Under arms
  7. Chin
  8. Back
  9. Stomach
  10. Buttocks
  11. Bikini

  1. Full Body
  2. Full Face
  3. Upper Lips
  4. Full Leg
  5. Half Leg
  6. Full Arm
  7. 3/4 leg
  8. Waxing
  9. Under Arms
  10. Chin
  11. Back
  12. Stomach
  13. Buttocks
  14. Side Lock

Hands (each)
Legs (each)
Bridal Mehendi

Application (without Wash)

Highlights / Colours
Matrix (Root Touch)
L-Oreal-Majirel(Root touch)
Colour Application+wash
Streak (Each)

Cutting Services
U cut
Kids cut
Hair wash
Advanced Haircut

Styling Services
Shampoo + Blow Dry
Hair Ironing
Curling Iron Style
Creative Up-Styles
Casuals hair styles

Hair Straightening
Hair Perming
Keratin Hair Smoothening

Nail Care
Nail Art (each)
French Nail
Artificial Nail Fixing(one hand)

Upper Lips
Full Face
Side Lock

Full Body
Upper - Lips

Face Clean up
Tan Removal
Pimple Treatment

Full body

Special Offer

Best Price

Discounted Price on weekends!!

Beautician Classes

Limited Seats Only

Beautician Classes:
Only Limited Seats Available.
Advanced Makeup and Hair style classes with certification

Bridal Packages

Enhance Your Look

That's the glow a bride must acquire before her wedding.


  •     Face Prepping
  •     Colour Correction
  •     Face Sculpting / Strobing / Contouring
  •     Feature Highlighting
  •     Eye Designing (Eye Definition / Eye Correction & Contouring / Lash Enhancements)
  •     Lip Sculpting
  •     Hair Designing / Styling
  •     Garment Draping / Layering / Styling